Winter Sports Tip - Get Fit

Fall is here and the slopes are opening all across the state! Are you ready? Ideally we start preparing for ski season months ahead of time. But if you’re like us and winter snuck up on you with a donut in your hand, here are four core exercises to do regularly to get in shape before you hit the mountain. Aim for 20 reps per side, and complete three rounds of all the drills.

The Beret-SKI Workout originally published on :

1. Swing Plank Start in plank position. Swing your legs out to one side and catch yourself on one ankle while kicking your top leg out. Balance, return to center, plank, and then swing to the other side.

2. Butt-Up Stand on one leg with slightly bent knee. Clasp hands in front. Perform one-legged squat while extended free leg straight back and arms straight out in front. Do 20 reps and repeat on other leg.

3. Side Kick Plank Get into side plank position (elevate feet on box for more advanced version). Kick top leg forward and while simultaneously reaching out to touch foot. Do 20, switch sides, and repeat.

4. Warrior One In plank position, balance on one forearm and opposite foot. While holding free arm out past head, rotate and pull in leg so free knee passes underneath balanced leg. Return to balanced plank, touch arm free elbow to free knee. Repeat. Free arm and leg shouldn’t touch ground. Do 20, and repeat on other side.

Sound easy? It’s not! But do it and you’ll maximize the benefit of your time on the mountain. And don’t forget to stop in and see us to pick up your discounted lift ticket and the season’s newest gear!