The World Cup at Beaver Creek

Watching the crowd at the Birds of Prey this weekend, it was clear that skiers think they are really cool. Not just the World Cup racers but even the the ex-racers and recreational skiers walked around as impressed with themselves as they were with their thousand of dollars of equipment. With a long delay of the Downhill on Friday, (that grew into a cancellation), there was no skiing to watch but plenty of skier watching. And there is nothing fun about watching skiers mill about an empty finish area.

The next day, the Super G was on, and the spectator/skiers that thought they were all that were back. But, as soon as the first racer came down the hill, their conceit seemed almost understandable.

Skiing may be the coolest sport ever. Really. Skiing is just absurdly, ridiculously amazing. Merely free skiing is great; you get to spend time outdoors in the winter, going fast is always fun, and once in a while you make a turn that fills you with joy. But then, watching a skier travel 70 mph down a seriously steep ice rink wearing about as much protection as a soccer player in a helmet, introduces another element of the sport. Witnessing a racer precariously skiing the edge between winning and physical disaster is awing. An example of what humans can create, skiing blends the invention and manufacturing of a community, with the physical and mental brilliance of an athlete.

So while skiers' attitudes can be annoying at times, maybe they have a point. Skiing is the greatest sport on earth.  One in which 3 year olds can play with 80 year olds, family's can spend a day together having fun outside, and one where to participate you don't have to compete. Skiing is a reminder that sometimes life can be cool and perhaps knowing that is reason enough to feel superior.